Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th - Hills, a Transfer, and Some Baptisms

Familia and Friends,

I hope that you have all had a great week. Mom and her lego-based adventures, Dad with his vegan-based adventures, Dave with his singing-based adventures, Jacob with his hair-based adventures and young Gabe with his Christmasy ones, and it sounds like you guys are all having a great time. Here in Itatiba I´m still climbing up the crazy, crazy hills, and this week brings a bit of news about the future.

Sadly, Elder Leandro will be leaving the area this week, but not so sadly, I will be training a new missionary again! It´s always a fun chance to help a new missionary learn how to be a missionary and to start his mission off on the right foot and not waste any time in the Lord´s service. I´ll have more information for you guys next week about who he is and where he´s from. I´ll miss the chance to buy cosmetic products half price from Elder Leandro, especially because that´s something you don´t find too often. I hope the new guy is ready to climb some hills as well, becuase Itatiba is not an easy area on the legs.

Ben tells us that many Brazilians go to the beach as the way to celebrate Christmas! It's summer there!

This week and last week we were able to partcipate in two baptisms. Last week, we helped a young man named David get baptized. He was already in our teaching group when we got here in the area, and he hadn´t been baptized yet because his parents were certain that he wasn´t ready. While other missionaries had gotten there and used a lot of scriptures trying to convince them, we simply showed up, talked calmly, and boldly marked a date. They accepted. David was baptized.

This week we helped baptize a young man called Gabriel. He is from Alagoas, the same state as Elder Leandro, and we found him when we were teaching his cousin, who will hopefully be baptized next week. We are taught, as missionaries, to boldly invite people to be baptized. As such, in our first contact with Gabriel, we asked him if he would like to be baptized the way Jesus Christ was. He said he did, and one month later, it became reality. 

I know the Church is true. I´m thankful for the chance I have to be a missionary.

Have a great week!

Elder Murray

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