Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 25th - Christmas Day Skype

Today we got to talk to Ben for 40 minutes via Skype. I loved it! He said all his brothers looked older, and that Paul and I looked younger - which is as it should be, right?! He talked about how hot it is in Brazil and how he is always sweating. He said it also rains every day. Gabriel asked him what food he missed the most from America and there was no hesitation for his answer - Slurpees! He said there is nothing like it in Brazil, there is no way we could send it, and it would be so perfect to have in their super hot weather. His favorite Brazilian food is churassco, which is barbecued steak. He is in an area with a ton of hills and he does a load of walking. He said he wears 60 SPF so that he doesn't burn but he burns anyway and he still isn't tan, lol!  He seemed pretty happy but he did mention that he is the "hole filler" so they put him in areas where people are breaking a lot of rules or with companions that are hard to get along with. That's okay, and I am proud that he is such a good kid that the mission president would put him where he can be a leader. I love that boy!


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