Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 24th - Hills and Christmas Time

Family and Friends,

For the family part, I´ll see you all tomorrow. Get hype for a good skype. I haven´t been practicing my English, so break out the Portuguese translators, because you´re going to need it! I jest, I jest. I think that I can still speak my mother language, at least understandably. Not with all of my stunning eloquence from before the mission though. As for all of you that aren´t my family, these next two Mondays (December 26 and January 2) I won´t be entering on my email. My P-day will be only the 31st, and I am not fully sure if I will be able to find a LAN house open. So send your emails, but don´t get mad at me if you don´t get a response until January 9!

This week we had a half-mission conference on Wednesday, and we all heard a message from our President about the Savior´s birth and the wise men and how we can emulate them. He also showed us a bunch of scriptures that prophesy about the birth of Jesus Christ. Then we had lunch together, ate brownies and ice cream, then we watched Pets. It was a fun time, and it showed me just how much time I have passed without watching a movie. Then we all went home. 

It´s been really staggeringly hot these last couple of days here. I´ve been missing the freezing weather from Colorado. -10 is a lot better than 100. You feel like you´re inside of a microwave at times here, and I´ve been drinking a ton of water each day. At least all the sweating cleans out the pores though! 

I´m really quite excited to talk to my family tomorrow, and to open up the sweet Christmas gifts you have all sent me! I don´t have a whole ton to write today, because the week was pretty weird and we haven´t had a ton of success recently, but hopeful this tides you over until the next time I can write. Have a great week, Merry Christmas to all!

One more chance to give all I have!

Elder Murray

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