Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12th - Hills and a Noob and a Baptism

Hello Family and Friends,

It´s good to hear that you are all feeling the Christmas Spirit! I enjoyed the pictures too. As you have skinnied up now Dad, you really need to buy some new clothes. You´re looking like me. Enough clothes on for two other guys. I´m sorry you all didn´t get to see my pretty face in the ward party, but they told me last week as I was leaving the lan house, and as such, I didn´t get time to make a video. I am really quite envious of your cold weather back home. Here, things are getting incredibly hot, with that epic Brazilian summer really showing it´s stuff. Even when it´s not that hot out, the amount of humidity in the air keeps me sweating constantly. 

This week I recieved a new companion, straight out of the MTC. His name is Elder Oliveira, although that will quickly be changed to Elder E. Oliveira, to not have any confusion with the already established Elder Oliveira. Brazilians love to all have the same last name. Elder Oliveira is from Fortaleza, a state in the north of the country, famous for it´s beaches and weird food. They like to eat all of the animal, and that´s a lot of intestine, foot, and even cheek meat. Weird stuff. He´s 18 years old, and as such, is my first companion that is younger then me in terms of real life age. He´s still getting used to the hills.

We had one more baptism this week, of a young man named Mikael. For those of you keeping track back home, unhappily, his name isn´t Jacob, because last week I baptized a guy named Gabriel, and the week before, a David. Sorry Jake. You´ll just have to wait it out.

Mikael is a cool guy because he has blue hair, likes to take pictures of himself doing gangster poses, and received the Gospel very quickly in his life. He knew the truth when he saw it, and embraced it quickly. I was very impressed yesterday, when he had to travel to São Paulo. He didn´t know what time he would have to leave, but he wanted to go to church. So he went, watched half an hour and, then his family came to pick him up. When a good number of old members of the church would just skip church all together, Mikael went and watched all he could. That´s conversion. 

This week we had a special multi-stake conference with all of Brazil together.  We got to hear, live, the messages of Elder Jeffery R Holland and two Elder Costas of the 70. It was cool to feel the love that the international church has. The Gospel really has gone to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people. It´s a great thing!

One more chance to give all I have!

Elder Murray

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