Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th - Prayer and Traveling

Family and Friends,

I rather enjoyed your email this week Mom. It was cool to get an update on how everyone´s doing, because none of those slackers send me emails except Dad. I´m pretty pumped to hear that Dave is going to do Mr. Grizz this year. As he is a pretty talented guy, he should have a really good time, and should get some pretty good fan approval. Being sick is real bad, and seems like everyone is getting injured over there. Jake is Gigante as they say here in Brazil. I was really hoping that Minecraft would die off after 2 years here, but sadly, it seems as the the cuboid plague will continue it´s reign of terror. 

I've heard that we're going to get a new Stake President. I really will miss President Walker, as he was the guy who set me apart as a missionary, but I'm sure that the new President will be one called by God. The Lord chooses his leaders here on the Earth, and our duty is to follow and uphold them. 

I´m really having a tough time deciding what to put in my email to you guys these days. I do basically the same thing every week. I knock doors. I talk to people on the road. Many of these people are crazy people. I knock more doors. I teach some people that don't want any commitment. If I'm lucky, I teach someone that does want to commit. I eat Brazilian food (i.e. rice and beans). I use a lot of sunblock. I walk a lot. Our house has some sort of sewage problem. Normal missionary stuff. It´s pretty much the same routine every time. So send me in some questions! I'll answer them. I don't know what you´d like to know about my life, so send in questions.

One thing that I do know, with all this routine, is that the Church is indisputably true. I have seen it week after week studying the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. I have seen it in the homes of the members and it the homes of the people I teach, and the contrast therein. I have seen it in the way that Church leadership is organized. I have seen it in the small miracles that happen to us each day because we are missionaries. I know that the Church is true, beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is no other organization this divine on all the face of the Earth. 

Have a great week.

One more chance to offer all I have.

Elder Murray

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