Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13th - Oh It's a Hot One

Family and Friends,

First off, Congratulations to Dave on winning Mr. Grizz. I always knew you could do it bro. You're awesome. And a Goofy Goober it seems like. 

I´m really loving my area here in ColĂ´nia, and we had a pretty solid week this week, although things are starting to get really hot here. Summer has come in full burst, and the temperatures are rising. As such, our fan is on whenever we are at home, and our fan makes a really obnoxious noise that is annoying, so that´s not that fun. We taught quite a bit this week, but we had a tough time taking people to church. Our zone baptized 4 people this week though, so that´s a good thing. We had a service project this week, and we carried 2000 large bricks up a staircase. Yes it was as much fun as it sounds.

I´ll get into your questions now. 

Tell us something that made you and your companion laugh this week.
My companion and I each served with the same guy, Elder Costa, the Portuguese guy. I don't know if you remember him. In Portugal, they eat a lot a bacalhau, which is a type of fish. When we saw bacalhau on sale this week, we had a good laugh as we remembered Elder Costa.

Tell us about a time the Spirit touched you this week. (During scripture study, during prayer, during a lesson, etc)
I really felt the Spirit this week listening to that hymn, If You Could Hie to Kolob. It's a lot of deep doctrine, but it helps you keep a more eternal perspective on things.

Tell us about a new place in your town that you love. 
Our city has a sweet public library that I write emails from. Here, it's got air conditioning, chess tables, computers, and logically a ton of books. It's a really nice building and that's a bit of a rarity for Brazil. 

Tell us about a thing you don't like in your current area
I don't like our bathroom in our house. It's horrible. The toilet has a sewage problem, in that it's constantly dripping on the floor, and there's something horrible under the drain in the shower too, so no matter how much we clean it, the bathroom always reeks. Always. You get used to it though. 

Do you speak English around the house with your new companion, or only Portuguese?
My companion and I really only speak Portuguese. It's actually a lot easier than English at this point. Language has become pretty confusing for me. There's a lot in my head.

What three meals are you looking forward to eating when you get home that I can make?
I'm looking forward to eat bratwurst, juicy lucys, and something else. I haven't thought too much yet. I've got a while to go still. 6 more months! 

Have you got any investigators in your area? 
We have a ton of investigators, in varying degrees of progress. The hard part isn't getting into the homes here in Brazil, it's getting the people to commit to actually do stuff, like go to church. "Oh someday I'll go, but I can't be certain." It's weak sauce. We call them moles (pronounced mole eeys). One investigator that we have is a guy from Haiti called Lowel. He doesn't speak Portuguese and speaks very little English, so it's quite a ride teaching him. He's a cool guy though. And he actually comes to church.

That's about all. Thanks for the questions. Send more! Have a great week!

One more chance to offer all I have!

Elder Murray

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