Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30th - Inspiration and Perspiration

Family and Friends,

Thanks once again for all the support back home! I´ll be able to get my release date to you this week Mom, so Dave can start to put in his papers. This week we have interviews, so I´ll ask President Hill. You guys had a pretty fun week, as it seems from the emails. Mom seems to really enjoy being a seminary teacher. And Dad seems to really not enjoy having a messed up knee, lol. Good times. 

This week we watched a transmission that was sent to all the missionaries in the world. They changed up our daily schedule, giving us greater flexibility to decide when we are going to plan, and they cut out a big number of the key indicators that we had to report at the end of each week. All in all, good changes for us. Especially because we, as leaders, have to get all of the numbers of our missionaries at the end of each week. As such, a smaller number of things to report makes our life quite a bit easy.

This week it stopped raining and the weather got hot again. Yay! I'm sweating up a storm once again. 

I don't have a whole lot to talk about this week, but I'd like to tell you a small story about inspiration. One day this week, it seemed like everything went wrong. All of our commitments fell through. All that we had planned to do during the day didn't work, and even our backup plans didn't work. Our investigators weren't home. One lady called and canceled the appointment. We tried to visit some less active members, they weren't home. We tried to visit some active members, they weren't home. We could have tried just talking with people on the road, but it was raining, so there wasn't anyone there. So we sat and prayed for inspiration. Then we waited. After 15 minutes, the inspiration came. My companion remembered an address that we had in our planner. We visited it. The man accepted us into his home, and accepted to be baptized on a specific date. The Lord took us to that man's home. The Lord will guide us when we need it.  

Have a great week.

One more chance to offer all I have!

Elder Murray

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