Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th - Transfer!

Family and Friends,

This week marks the end of my time here in Barão Geraldo. After much time in the area, I have been transfered, completing my companion´s training. Crazily enough, he has been called to train a new missionary, and carry on the legacy. When you train on the mission, you are called the dad of that new missionary, so people ask you, who was your dad, and you tell them who your trainer was. As missionaries take everything overboard, you end up having elaborate family trees that connect all the generations of missionaries. As such, I will become a grandpa! How cool is that?

I will miss Barão quite a bit. It´s really a beautiful part of the city, full of trees and lakes, and the university is a really cool place. The ward is also filled with good members, and I've made a lot of friends here. One good example is our Bishop, Ivan (the good, lol) who is shown in the picture. It´s tough when you make too many friends in the ward though, because at some point you have to say goodbye and move on to other horizons. 

Elder Murray and Bishop Ivan the Good

This week we baptized a man named José Henrique, (pic included). He´s got a really interesting profession, in that he uses dance lessons to cure mental difficulties and work with less mentally able children. That´s a weird thing to do, I know, but it works. He took about three different masters in college to get this do all work out, and he´s going for his doctorate this year. He learned about the Gospel thanks to a member from another ward in a neighboring city. She took him to church one day, and he later told us that this was the end of a search that he had been on for 4 years. He decided that he was ready to pay the price to see miracles in his life, and he went through with being baptized. He's really a great man, and he'll see the blessings of the Gospel.

I´ll be heading to a new area soon, with new challenges, and new excitements. And a new companion, and a new district, and a new zone. Basically, the only thing that won't be new is my shoes. It should be a great time, and I´ll have plenty to write about. 

One more chance to give all I have!

Elder Murray

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