Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17 - Mission Tour and Member Work

Family and Friends,

This week, a billionaire attended my fireside. More on that later. 

Sounds like you guys back home had a good time with all them Grandparents and dogs and such to bug you. I especially liked the name Van Diesel for the dog. That´s a good, high quality name. And the fact that you guys were able to attend a temple dedication ceremony is really cool. I bet it was a really spiritual moment for all of you there. I´m sorry that I haven´t been writing with a ton of details lately, but it´s been mostly the same old same old. We knock doors, talk with people on the road, and then we teach lessons. I´ll try to give you some cooler stories this week though.

This week our Zone Leader spent a night in our house on an exchange with our District Leader. His name is Elder Sosa, and he´s mexican. I had a good time with someone else that shares my love for tacos, burritos, and guacamole. Thanks to Mom´s cooking and Dad´s love of Mexican food, It´s honestly the food type that I´m most missing here in Brazil. They just don´t do Mexican food here. You can find almost any other type of food, (except slurpees :( ), but all the Mexican restaurants are really really expensive. 

Then, to keep up the number of visitors in our house, on Thursday night the two missionaries from Itajubá slept at our house in preparation for the mission tour that was slated to happen the next day. It was weird to hear about the news from my old area, but at least the members there only have good things to say about me! 

On Friday, we had a mission tour with Elder Campos, of the 70. He´s the leader of the Eduational System of the Church here in Brazil, and we had a day-long meeting with him, and all of the missionaries of our mission together. He was a very funny guy, and had a bunch of stories about how missionaries worked together with the members of their ward to have magic happen. He told us about one little boy that he knew that always ran circles around the chapel, until one day his mother went and bought him a white shirt and tie. Then, when he got to church, he saw the missionaries there, sitting quietly, and because he was dressed the same way, he sat quietly too. Overall, the mission tour was a great experience, and I left with a lot of cool ideas about how I could work with the members of our ward here.

Then, to put these ideas in practice, we had a missionary fireside on Sunday night, for all of the members of the stake to attend. Including Carlos Wizard Martins, bishop of the Castelo ward, and the billionaire that I mentioned earlier. The Stake President spoke, then President Hill spoke, then we, as missionaries, gave small trainings on how to do missionary work as a member. Our group talked about how to follow up on commitments. It was a great experience, and the members left there very fired up about missionary work. 

Hopefully this email hits your detail quotient! It helped that this was an eventful week. Next week, I´ll know the transfer results, so I´ll be able to tell you if I´ll be staying 1 more transfer in Barão or if I´m leaving! One more chance to give all I have! Have a great week!

Elder Murray

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