Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th - All of the sports!

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was a pretty standard week of work. Monday we played all of the sports we could, basketball, volleyball, and soccer, knowing that we would have to wait a week before we could get the energy out again. It was a pretty great time. Then Tuesday we visited people and knocked doors. And the rest of the week. The other real change was on Thursday, when we had our trimonthly interview with President Hill. We had a really good time taking our trip to Campinas and eating some popcorn in the mission office. Then I had a great talk with President Hill, and I left with some good fire and motivation that I´m still feeling today

During this interview, we talked alot about following the instructions of the Holy Ghost. It´s interesting that, at times, we don´t think very much about not following the Spirit´s instructions. Sometimes we recieve a strong prompting, and we know that we have to follow this prompting, but we just don´t do it. As President Hill put it, this is basically ignoring a command from God. He´s sending us this message directly. If Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared in front of us, we would all follow what they have to say, but when we recieve a prompting from the Spirit, we are much much slower to follow. I would like to quote 2 Nephi 33:15 where he says in the last line "For the Lord hath commanded me, and I must obey." It´s really that simple. Sometimes we don´t know if the thought is coming from the Holy Ghost or not, and sometimes we absolutely know that we´re recieving a message from the Lord. And in that exact moment, we have to put away our own desires and follow what the Lord says. I know that as we follow the promptings and the whispers we receive, we will recieve many blessings in our lives. We will be guided by the Lord in all of our major decisions. We will receive knowledge, happiness, and peace. We will do the right thing. We will be like Nephi, tools in the Lord´s hands, to help many people. I will do my best to follow all that the Spirit tells me to do, and if I can do this, I will succeed.

Elder Murray

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