Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th - My future's so bright . . . I gotta wear shades.

Family and Friends,

I love you all and thanks for the letters and love that you always send. If you´re not sending me anything, stop being a slacker and write me an email (looking at you Dave). This week sounds pretty baller for you guys. Good luck with all the finals, and the planting, and remembering why the Hindenberg didn´t work too well. You guys really have a talent for writing funny emails. I always laugh a lot.

This week was a rather special week, in various aspects. First things first, the transfer came and went. Our district basically didn´t change, we just swapped one of our 4 Sisters for another. Everybody else stayed. Everyone´s excited to work together, and we should have a good time these next 6 weeks. 

Last week I bought some glasses without any augment on the lenses so that I can use the transition lenses like sunglasses. This week they came in. I look pretty awesome with glasses, don´t you think (pic included). 

This week I also spent two days waiting in the hospital because I got a nasty sinus infection that was bugging me a ton. I´m on antibiotics now, but the hospital trips ate up a lot of my work time this week. Here in Brazil, the wait to use the hospital is really long, I waited 4 hours the first day and didn´t even get seen, and the second day I waited 2 hours and actually got in. I had a blood test done and an x-ray done on my head, all to tell me that I have a sinus infection, then they sent me in for an intraveneous medication too. It was actually pretty sweet. Then he perscribed me antibiotics that were really expensive, but luckily the mission pays for them. 

This week on Saturday, we got to have a meeting with our full mission, the Piracicaba mission and 4 general authorities of the Church, Elder Claudio R M Costa, Elder Richard G Maynes, Bishop Waddel, and non-other than Elder Jeffery R Holland, of the Quorum of the Twelve. It was, all in all, a fantastic meeting. A few choice quotes:

"After forty years of this I don´t have blood in my veins anymore, I have the Gospel." Elder Costa

"The Book of Mormon is the most powerful conversion tool we have." Elder Maynes

"You leave for the mission as a child and return as a man or a woman. Every day for 53 years I have thought about the things I have done on my mission." Elder Holland

"You are all apostles. Before you tell your parents that I just called you to the Quorum of the Twelve, that´s apostle with a little a, not a big one. You do the same things that I do. Every day you wake up, you think about what you can do to help others with their salvation." Elder Holland

"I can deal with stray sheep. Give me any number of stray sheep, from 1 until 99, I can deal with that. But it is not too much for me to ask to not have any problems with the shepards! We need you to stay faithful!" Elder Holland

Then, yesterday, we got to see Elder Holland again here in the Campinas stake. It was the first time that an Apostle has visited the stake in 39 years. And I was present. It was an amazing day. Elder Holland spoke about different titles for Jesus Christ that mean a lot to him personally. I left that meeting with a lot of fire to go out and preach the Gospel. I´m excited to go out and share Christ´s love with people. Have a great week, because I´m trying to, and I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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