Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2nd - Cold Front Coming!

Hello Family and Friends!

Sounds like your week was less epic than mine, although there are a lot of shared characteristics. Being honest, I don´t understand the pun in Dave´s fortune cookie. Maybe I´m losing my English. Also, Gabe´s joke was solid. Poligamy jokes are always good for a quick laugh.

This week it got really cold here in Valinhos. It hit the incredibly low number of 57 degrees, and I´ve been doing my proselyting with a sweater. Also, everyone in the house caught a cold, because it´s really cold all of a sudden. I´ve really gotten used to the heat here, which is honestly pretty strange for me. Now it´s gotten the tiniest bit cold, and I´m freezing. At least winter finally hit here. The 90 degree weather every single day without fail was getting strange. 

This week I had a companion exchange in Campinas 4. It´s weird there, nobody walks on the road in that part of the city, so it looked like a ghost town. I worked with Elder L. Souza and we had a pretty good time. He´s going home here in 6 weeks, so he´s quite a bit more experienced than I am. Afterwards we returned to Valinhos, me and Elder Azambuja, and it was a relief to see people walking on the roads and driving cars, and open stores.

This week our ward did an activity! It was a country music dance/party with giant blow up toys and a mechanical bull, and also a ton of free food. We took our best chance to bring a ton of non-members to the activity to show the people that we´re not a scary cult and that we like to have fun too and not just stand around looking serious in suits. We actually got a ton of investigator participation, and a bunch of the members invited their friends, and we´re teaching them now. It was a great night for missionary work, and for the members of the ward to get a little closer together.

People are really tough to bring to church here in Valinhos, so I spent a lot of time this week praying that I would find someone that actually has desire to go to church. We talked with a lot of people this week on the road, including this one guy who´s 19 named Caio. We couldn´t ever actually find Caio at home to teach him, but we did get to invite him to come to church on Sunday. I didn´t have a whole lot of hope that he would go, even though he said he would, but I felt strongly that I needed to pass by his house at 8:45 Sunday. We got there at 8:46 and he wasn´t there, and we woke up his sister who told us. I got pretty depressed in the moment, so we turned and went towards the church building. As we walked up the hill to go to church I was really dissapointed that, in all of our investigators, none of them were going to church that day. Then, as we crested the hill, we found Caio standing in front of the chapel. "You guys were late, so I went on my own." He had a great experience. Sometimes the Lord gives us much more that we expect. I´m grateful that I could be here serving a mission and watching as people find more happiness and the answers to questions that they have always had. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, and that every sacrifice we have to make now will be worth it in the end.

Have a great week, and I´ll see you on Sunday. Let´s see if I can actually speak English still! I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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