Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23 - Rednecks

Hello Family and Friends,

This week I came to an undeniable conclusion. We´re rednecks. Don´t deny it! Mom helped the school learn to breed chickens better, you guys spent all Saturday "workin' in the fields", and what does Jake bring back? A gallon of milk. It´s time to face the facts and buy a farm or something. In other news, it sounds like graduation season is in full swing. I have some fond  memories of last year. Trawling the parties with Dave and the boys.

This week the email won´t be super long, because I´m low on time, so I´ll just describe the two major events of the week. The first was the visit of our senior missionary couple and our mission President´s wife to our house on P-Day. Luckily, we´ve always cleaned the house pretty well, so we didn´t have any problems, but they did give us a bunch of suggestions, and said that we had to deep clean the house so that we could move to another place. As such, we spent all of Tuesday cleaning and Wednesday and Thursday morning. We had to wash all the walls, all of the furniture, all the kitchen appliances, and in the end, the whole house smelled like bleach. And guess what? They came back on Thursday and said that we did such a good job, they don´t plan to switch the house anymore. ARGH! At least they told us that we have the cleanest house in the mission. You should be really proud Mom. 

This week the other significant event was a baptism! We´ve been teaching a couple, Nei and Cleide, for some time now, and they are going to church frequently, but they aren´t married, so they can´t be baptized. But, their daughter, Juanna, turned 8 two weeks ago, and told us that "Life isn´t easy. I need to be baptized." We taught her all the lessons, and she gained a pretty strong testimony of the Prophet and the Restauration of the Gospel. She committed to live all the commandments, and really is one of the smartest 8 year olds I know. 

Sometimes, the kingdom of heaven really is more fit for the children than for us old folk. Someday, we´ll all have to turn a bit more like little children so that one day we can enter into the Lord´s kingdom. Have a great week! I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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