Monday, March 6, 2017

March 3rd - Killshot Inbound

Hello Family and Friends,

Transfers came around last week, and I'll be staying here in Colônia in Jundiaí, and it looks as though I'll be staying here for a pretty long time. My new companion is Elder Moraes, and he's dying this transfer, meaning that this is his last here on the mission. He's from Orlinda, Pernambuco, and he's a really tall guy, so we can't actually sit next to each other on the bus. He's my height. He talks really fast, but I'm pretty fluent, so I can usually understand what he's saying. He's got a pretty strong accent too. He cooks really well. 

What other religions do you see in Brazil?
We run into a ton of other religions here, including Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, The Quadrangular Church, The Christian Congregation in Brazil, and the grand pappy of them all, Catholics. Far and away, we meet an absurd number of Catholics. I´d bet that it´s close to 75% of the people we talk to. There are little techniques that you have to remember when you teach people from each one of these religions, and you learn them as you go throughout the mission. I don´t have the time to list all the specifics. 

Tell us about a prompting you received this week. 
It's honestly hard for me to pick a single prompting moment that would be exciting or cool for you guys. I mostly receive revelation for me to say the right things at the right times so that I can bring the Spirit into a lesson and the investigator can be touched and decide to do the right things. 

What is your favorite Brazilian dessert?
My favorite dessert continues to be ice cream. Here they have a thing called Açaí, that's similar to ice cream. It's probably the best that they have here.

Have you stopped sweating yet?
I don't ever stop sweating.

How do you do your laundry?
I do laundry by putting clothes in the washer with detergent and then hanging them out to dry. Then, each day I iron the shirt that I will need that day. My pants are super pants, so I rarely need to iron them. 

How come you never send us pics?
I don't send a whole lot of pictures because it's usually really obnoxious to try and get my camera's USB cord to work with the computers in the LAN houses here. I'll send you some good ones this week though. I´ll make a special effort. The first pic is me, with my house in the background, and the other one is of an exchange we did. From left to right it's Elder Langlois (from our stake), Elder Larkins (my last comp), and Elder Tavares (old friend from my first zone).

Have a great week!

One more chance to offer all I have!

Elder Murray

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