Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27th - Another One Down

Family and Friends,

This week nothing really that interesting happened. We taught a lesson together with our President, so that was cool. He's a very spiritual kind of guy. We've been working with two families of 5 people, and this is one of the few times that I have been able to work with families on my mission, so it's a rare treat. I'm enjoying teaching lessons to children and adults together. One of the families we are teaching has some child-raising philosophies that always remind me of my own parents whenever they start talking about it. Being very open as a family, teaching the children to work and not be lazy layabouts and things like this in general. I'm reminded of my childhood.

Mom sent me some questions so I'll get right into those.

What makes you laugh in your area?
There are a lot of things that make me laugh in my area. My companion is a pretty funny guy, and I like to think of myself as a funny guy, so I get a lot of laughs. There's a really successful graffiti artist here in ColĂ´nia called Bixo Solto. He's written his name in every wall, in every neighborhood, ever. And every time I find a new, hidden Bixo Solto, I get a good laugh.

Tell about a time you got answers to a prayer.
I get answers to my prayers every single day. we pray a lot, so it's easy to see the results. For example, I had been praying to find a family to teach, and I found 2. The Lord blesses us.

Tell us about an inside joke.
I have several inside jokes, but that's the problem with inside jokes. You have to be inside to get them. And without explaining a lot of context and translation rules, it's pretty hard for you guys to be inside. So I can't really explain any. 

What is your favorite thing to do on p-day?
On P-Day I like to write email to my family. It's the most constant activity, and it's my favorite. 

Describe a good smell on your mission. Describe the worst one.
My favorite smell is found in the "House of Cakes" that sits on our main road. It's a pretty incredible bakery, and the cake smell always makes you want cake. It's really, really powerful. But I actually don't buy a lot of cake. The worst smell is the horrible stench that comes up from the forbidden monster below our drain in our shower. Sometimes you're there, washing yourself, and your nostrils get assault by an incredible putrescence. It's bad. 

I´ll write down some sayings and send them to you next week. 

Describe a time that the Lord protected you as a missionary.
Once I was walking down the road in Itatiba, and a really ripped guy with no shirt passed us. Two houses after us, he kicked in the front gate, ran inside, and people started screaming, glass started breaking, and the police were called. I don't know why that guy was so crazy, or what manner of demon he was, but he walked right by us and didn't even see us. The Lord hid us.

Have a great week!

Elder Murray

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