Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20th - The Party Don't Stop

Family and Friends,

As you should have recognized yesterday when I didn't send anybody emails, I didn't have P-Day yesterday. Instead, I have it today, because today, I went to the Campinas Temple. It´s always good to be able to replenish your spiritual energies a bit. 

This month I've basically been in and out of the hospital every 3 or 4 days. My companion has some gastric issues that we still haven´t been able to solve, I got that sweet sweet sinus infection, and this week my companion had to go get a bunch of x-rays because he was having heart problems. It´s alright in the end though, because, as it turns out, it´s probably just really bad acid reflux, not early onset heart disease. We´ll be going back this week again for him to do a bunch more tests, and I´m thinking that I might have to go back on my own account because the area around my eyes is super swollen and red. It´s all part of the mission though. At least I haven't gotten dengue yet (knock on wood). It seemed like I always hit all of the illnesses as they passed through town, so that hasn't changed here. I've always been good at working sick though, (my best PR in track on discus I hit with a fever), so it doesn't bother me too much.

We´ve been working on a perpetual service project here in the ward during the last year or so, and it´s finally nearing completion. We have an elderly widow in our ward that lived in a house where the walls were literally swaying from side to side, so the ward started to rebuild the house. Although they contracted actual construction workers, there was still plenty of work for the members, and especially the missionaries, to do when there is a service project there every 2 weeks. This week we plan to paint the house, and I´ll try to snap some pics and send them back to you guys.

This week we had ward conference, and the Stake President spoke to us about forgiveness, and "baptizing our relationship". When we are baptized in the Church, the Lord forgets all of our past sins and transgressions, and promises to never bring them up again at judgement day. Sometimes we need to do the same things with our relationships. We must agree to put aside all of the offenses of the past and not bring them up again. This is true forgiveness. We must forgive as the Lord forgives.

Have a great week! One more chance to give all I have!

Elder Murray

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