Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24th - LET"S GO!!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

Mom, thanks for all of your planning about when I get back home. It lets me focus my mind on my mission, knowing that everything´s being taken care of for my future. As for your deep reflection, yes, two years is a really long time. You feel the time pass each day, but as you look back, sometimes you catch a glimpse of eternity and it seems that everything that happened was just yesterday. And then you can't remember what anyone actually looked like, so you realize that it actually was a long time. 

Also, Happy Birthday to Dave!!! My young brother is now officially an adult. Sweet stuff! Now you can sign documents, and you are a real person now. I hope you got some pretty sweet stuff, although you'll probably have to leave most of it at home because you're going on a mission. Now if you would just send me a letter, you noob. 

I feel as though you guys would like to know a bit about my daily life, so let me tell you about the clothes that I use on a daily basis. I've got a pair of security boots (my second pair so far), that are really durable and hit the missionary dress standard requirements, so they work well. I got some sweet Brazilian dress shoes after my Sunday shoes broke down, and they are tight. They look like snake skin. I'm still using the golf pants that I've had up until now, and I've added a pair of khaki pants that I got for 3 bucks in a thrift shop. As for shirts, I ended up getting rid of almost all of my original shirts when they turned really yellow and I've lost a lot of weight, so they were all really big on me. I've got a mix and match of other shirts that I bought, or found in one of the houses that I lived in. They are still pretty sweet, although the stitching is dubious. My suit has officially gotten way to big for me, and it looks like a I robbed an obese man to get my Sunday clothes. As such, I will be looking for new suit that's reasonably priced. You can't have your home coming wearing a suit that's way, way too big.

I have some pictures to send you this week! 7857 is a baptism that I had a few weeks ago, and I never sent to you. 

7867 is an exchange that I did in Varzea Paulista a few weeks ago, with my old comp, Elder Moraes. The people pictured are me, Elder Moraes, Elder Tavares, and Elder Langlois (that guy from Highlands Ranch).

Then, you have my new comp, Elder Azc√°rate and the chocolate pizza we made for Easter. Hope you enjoy!

This week our zone is close to accomplishing something that has not been done in all of the time that I have been here, baptize one person per missionary in the zone in a month. We have nine baptisms, and we have one Sunday to baptize three more people and hit our goal. I have really seen the fact that this is the Lord's work here. He wants his kingdom to grow here in Jundia√≠. Last night we gave a training to all of the ward mission leaders in our stake, and we have been able to see that the Lord wants us to succeed here. Pray for us! I know we can do it!

Have a great week!

Elder Murray

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