Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7 - More Hills and Purple Hair

Family and Friends,

I thank you for all of the emails that I receive each week. Dad has gone vegan and he started to cook, so the Second Coming is pretty close. I, for one, am excited for the Millenium. I hope your mini-mission made you feel the Spirit and want to go on a mission. 

This week we started to teach a young man named Mikael. He had bleached blond hair when we found him, and when we first taught him. Then, when we went to get him for church on Sunday morning, his hair was purple. Even with this, he went to church with us, and it was pretty cool to see that purple hair at the back of the chapel. It was a good experience.

Mom sent me a huge list of questions, so instead of having to think up my own cool experiences this week, I´ll just send answers! Thanks!

Describe your apartment. Our house here in Itatiba is pretty nice. We have two bedrooms (but you have to sleep in the same room as your companion, so we use one to store extra crap), 1 bathroom, kitchen, entry hall, and a pretty big outdoor area. It´s pretty austere and spartan, as are all missionary homes, but it´s honestly quite big for 2 missionaries, and we have a space to have a barbecue someday.

What is your new ward like? I don´t really know the ward that well here, but up to this point I have noticed that our ward has a proportionally high number of old people and young women. We've got a lot of families here too, although they´re usually older in age. 

Describe someone you spoke to this week. We were sitting at a bus stop talking to a woman one day and trying to explain to her that all of the churches can´t be right because they all teach radically different doctrine. She then told us that she doesn´t believe that anyone can know which church is right. My companion then asked her if she believed that there was some being that knew everything, both on earth and in heaven. Her answer? "I think the animals do." She then told us a story about her dog. 

What smell are you grateful for? I am grateful for the smell of cooking red and green peppers. It reminds me of mexican food, and as such, of home.

What technology are you thankful for? I am thankful for hair gel. It seems a strange choice for technology, but as missionaries we almost don't use any technology, so the fact that my hair is always looking good is a pretty great use of modern science. 

Describe a spiritual moment this week. As for one time the Spirit touched me this week, I was giving the message in our lunch yesterday, and I was leafing through my Bible, and my eyes stopped on Matthew 11:28-30. As I read these verses and shared a small testimony, I saw tears in the member´s eyes. I don´t know exactly why he needed to hear that message in that moment, but I knew that it was what the Lord wanted him to hear. 

Have a great week! One more chance to give all I have!

Elder Murray

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