Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1st - Missed My Shot and Noob Training

Family and Friends,

Thanks for all of the letters and updates. It´s always a pleasure to know what´s going on with you guys back home, although it bugs me that you only started to do cool things in the family reunion when I left. You've still got corn dogs and taquitos though, so that´s all good. Partying it up in Zion.

I´ve already made this joke once, but here in Barão Geraldo it´s also Zion. This week we ate a ton of churrasco (brazilian barbecue), because everyone decided that it´s BBQ season here, so fire up the churrasquieras. It was really good though, and I´ve been eating a ton. That´s all right, because I´m still really skinny for the time being. We didn´t baptize anyone this week, but we have a few families that are getting really close, so here in a few you´ll be getting more pictures of people in white. 

To explain the title, you guys all remember how I said that I would be killing off Elder Costa this transfer? President Hill was wrong, as it turns out, and Elder Costa still has another transfer, so I missed the killshot. Some other guy will be killstealing too, because Elder Costa will be leaving, and I will be getting a new missionary! I´m super hyped up! I´m not sure that I will be able to do everything that I have to to teach him, but I will follow the Lord´s guidance and I hope to learn as much from him as he learns from me. He´ll be a Brazilian too, because there are no new Americans coming in this transfer. I´m really excited! I´m glad that the Lord has put his trust in me.

Unfortunately, I will have to cut this email shorter than normal, because our zone was the most baptizing zone in the mission this month, and the President is paying for us to go Go Karting this afternoon. Thanks for all of your love and support, and have a great week! I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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