Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th - Barao Bronchitis

Hello My Beloved Friends and Family,

Ah, the week of scout camp. It´s always one of the most fantastic, amazing weeks of the year. And Mom, if you thought that the family dinner was bad, you should know that that´s always the best food of the week. I´ll never forget that one time that we had eggs that you had to cut with a knife. Thanks for being available to feed the missionaries when their dinner fell through. It´s these types of families that are the most important to have. Also, how cool that we have a Brazilian missionary in our ward! Find out what part of Brazil he´s from, and I can teach you some of the characteristics of the Brazilians from that particular part of Brazil.

This week here in the Baron we knocked doors, taught people, and did the usual missionary routine. Here a lot of the time the ladies of the church can´t give us lunch, so they give us money, and we hit up one of the cheap restaurants around here. This happens a lot. So much that Elder Costa and I have visited 8 different restaurants. We've almost visited all that there are in Barão Geraldo. We´re saving up now with a goal to go to the expensive steak house one day in the future. We´ll see if it happens. 

Marriage here in Brazil is a complicated process. First, you have to go to the Government office and mark a marriage date for a specified time in the future. This usually costs a lot, and you have to mark the date for many days in the future. Luckily, here in Barão the period is a little bit smaller, so it´s only 17 days. And this Wednesday we went to the office and paid the fee to mark the wedding date of Timoteo and Euzine! Thanks for the prayers, they worked out well. 

We´ve been feeling the effect of the adversary this week, and he´s been attacking through a rather strange medium, bronchitis. Remember how I told you last week that Luiz couldn´t be confirmed because he had a bronchitis attack that night. This week, on the day we had planned to mark the marriage date, Timoteo had, you guessed it, a bronchitis attack, and had to go to the hospital. Then, the wife of our ward mission leader went to the hospital on Saturday night. This one was just food poisoning though, not bronchitis, so there´s that. I blame all of the attacks as of late on the fact that it´s a dry period here, and the government has taken advantage of that fact to clear the plant growth away from the highway. How do they do that? They burn it. So we´ve had a ton of ash landing on our front porch all week. Every single day this week I´ve had to sweep away ash from our front porch, and the ash also falls on your white shirt and turns it black, so there´s that too. In other news, I swallowed a coin this week to look for some latent ironpushing ability, but no luck. (Sanderson anyone?)

Last night we had a cool experience. We´ve been praying a lot to get references from the members here, but we hadn´t been getting much success. Then, last night, a young couple of members from a ward in another stake here in Campinas called us up and asked if we could visit the man´s father with them. The live in a ward 1 hour away, but their father lives in Barão, so we went. We had a very spiritual lesson, especially when the son shared with his father how much more unified their family is because of the Gospel. I know that the Lord answers our prayers, and that He wants us to succeed. With His help, I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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