Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th - Yea for baptism!

Family and Friends,

This week was quite the party here in Barão Geraldo. Although nobody here celebrates the 4th of July here, we still had some festivities. Every single member of our family that wrote me this week said something about Pokemon Go. It must really be awesome, or at least cool enough that it made a bigger splash in our family than anything else this week. Maybe it´ll still be around in a year, but by then I should be so far behind as to make it impossible to play, so who knows?

I say that we had festivities because we played court soccer on our p-day last week with a bunch of guys from our district and some members. I was pretty awful, but I got a lot better as our tournament went on, and I had a really good time. I can now officially say that I have gotten the full Brazilian experience! (Although I still chanted USA USA when I scored a goal). This week we did very little studying because almost every single day during the morning we had to do something. Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting, Wednesdaywe had a Zone Conference with President Hill (I had to watch it in another zone because I would have missed ours, so I got to see Elder Azambuja again), then on Thursday we went to the Federal Police station. I got a renewed Brazilian Document and Elder Costa got a new Brazilian Passport (because he has double nationality). All in all, I now have a fresh paper that shows that I am legally here. It also works well as a before and after photo, because I have one from when I was really fat when I got here, and one from now, a bunch of weight later. It was a pretty long week in the end, but it went well because . . .

This week we baptized Luiz! (The guy in white in the middle) Luiz first came to church wanting to learn English during our free English course on Wednesday nights. After the second time he came, we invited him to go to church on Sunday and he went, and loved it. He´s a very timid guy who likes to read a lot and works making furniture. He overcame all of the difficulties that stood in front of him, and was baptized Saturday night. 

I´ve been reading a lot these last few weeks about the parables that Jesus Christ used to teach. As I teach people here on the mission, I do my best to emulate our Savior´s method of teaching, but it´s really impossible to get anywhere close to the level of mastery that He used when He pulled examples from the daily lives of people. All of the parables that he used were exactly tailored to the age, background, and mindset of his audience, and all of them bring true principles that help us in our lives. I´m thankful for the example our Savior left, and if I keep trying trying to follow his example, here in the mission field I will succeed.

Elder Murray

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