Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20th - Another transfer!

Oi Family and Friends,

Happy Birthday Jacob! Jake with the afro-chicken was about my best moment of the week. That picture really turned out sweet. Even when life gives us lemons, at least lemonade is a tasty drink. The life here isn´t all sunshine and flowers, but you get through the hard moments and push to be happy. And the good moments are that much better when you´ve passed through some tough ones. Congrats to Andres for finally heading out! Good luck!

This week we wrapped up the transfer in classic style, looking for John (João in Brasil). This week during our district meeting, I challenged the missionaries to, along with their other activities, look for John. You had to get references for John, teach John, and invite John to be baptized. All of the people we met on the road, we asked if they knew John. And when they asked why, we told them that we had a message for John that was of eternal import, and that if they would like to learn what the message was, it isn´t just for John, it´s for them too. This worked suprisingly well, and we ended up teaching a lot of people. We even taught a buddist lady. Her son was praciticing his Jiu-Jitsu on the floor with the dog, so that was a fun lesson, although it was a little weird. In the end, we taught a bunch of people, but sadly, I will not be following through with any of them, because I´m being transferred! I will be leaving Valinhos this week, and I´ll be going to a university area within Campinas called Barão Geraldo. I´ve also been called as an assassin, as I will be serving with Elder Costa during his last transfer. When a missionary completes the mission, he dies, and the last companion is the one who kills him. Should be fun!

I´m grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission. I´m thankful for all the blessings I have been given here and I´m excited for the new area! Let´s baptize! I will succeed!

Elder Murray

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