Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18th - Some Stuff We Did (This epic title is brought to you by Ben himself!)

Hi Family and Friends!

This week sounds like you guys had a bit of crazy weather there in the US, especifically Colorado. I find myself wishing for snow at times as I stand in the flaming sun and sweat it up here, but you get used to it. I´m not even serving in a place that´s that hot, so I really don´t have anything to complain about. 

First off, I´ll go through all the questions you guys sent my way. Jacob asked for a rundown of my daily food intake, so here we go. For breakfast, I usually just drink my protein shake, just like home. I also like to make 2 liters of juice from the Tang packets they sell everywhere here, and all of the missionaries in our house share a horn of tererĂ© during our study period. It´s an herb drink thing that you drink with juice. I´ll send pics some day. Sometimes I also eat leftover cake because we get a lot of cake from the members here that are always making cake. For lunch, it´s usually beans, rice, salad, and some type of meat, and you mix it all together. Some days you have other weird stuff like stroganoff with rice, or a Brazilian barbecue called a churrasco. It´s all really delicious. The most common desert would be ice cream, but sometimes we get mousse of some type of fruit, or some sort of condensed milk pudding. Lunch is really the big meal of the day. For dinner it´s usually some sort of sandwich, or more rice, beans, and meat. This week, the primary president in the ward here brought us a pizza because we helped her and here husband put up kitchen shelves in their house last week.

Yes, I run in terror from the photographer. Actually it´s just because I ran out of batteries and I keep forgetting to buy new ones. I forgot to explain the new clothes part last week. All of my shirts are super stained from the sunblock, and they´re beyond the reach of any bleach, so we´re going to buy some new shirts here today. For now, I really don´t need any packages. They´re a lot of work and cost. My money is going really really far here, and I´m completely good on cash for a long while. Some people have monkeys as pets, but they are very few. Mostly you get a lot of Shitzu´s (the dog) and parrots. One lady had a parrot that tried to flee from the missionaries, but couldn´t fly, so it waddled away fast. They get hyped about the same movies we do down here, but it´s all translated into Portuguese. They especially like the super hero movies.

Dave this week asked for a great spiritual experience. One day this last week we were without a plan after all of our appointments fell through, so we reverted back to the list of members we have been trying to visit this week. We had already tried to visit Alice this week, but we didn´t find her at home. I felt the prompting that we should try again to visit her, so we went and searched for her. She wasn´t at home. Then we asked around, and found an older lady working in a restaurant next to her home. It turned out to be her. She was converted to the church 8 months ago. She told us that we were the first missionaries she had seen in a months, and that she didn´t think anyone remembered her because she switched wards 1 month ago. We talked with her and shared some scriptures with her. In that exact moment when we passed there, her son walked up, and we were able to mark a date to visit and teach him. In the end, she bore her testimony, that she searched for 75 years of her life before finding the right church. Now she knows she´s in the right place, and this was just one more piece of proof that the Church is true. The Lord puts us in the right place at the right time so that we may find the right people. With divine guidance, I will succeed.

Elder Murray

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