Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21st - Ice Cream Evangelists

Hi Family and Friends,

This week was a pretty great one. Thanks again for all the support you guys are giving me back home. Sounds like our house is even more of a zoo now, what with all the animals and Grandparents. Dave´s carrying on the tradition of sleeping in the basement to protect the computer from the guests. It´s an important role. I eagerly await any hand-written letters too. I´ve been trying to send you guys pictures for 3 weeks now, but I can´t get the cord to the camera to work right and these computers don´t have an SD card reader, so I´ll just have to send you guys a ton once I get something worked out. I hear Dave on the new suit thing. I´ve lost so much weight here that my suit looks ridiculous, so I bought a new one super cheap from a thrift store, that is also too big now. Oh well. That´s the life. I shaved off my sideburn shaving like every day, but not really paying much attention, then suddenly I realized I had shaved off my own sideburn. oops. I don´t use repellent because I´m lazy. I hadn´t heard about Andy Griffith. You guys have really been loving the old TV lately. I guess with all the trash they have now days that´s all there is to watch.

While walking this week after 3 appointments fell through in a row, I was hit with a burning urge to eat ice cream, that could have also been the Spirit. As we walked into the ice cream parlor, the owner walked up to us and said "I´ve always wanted to know what you guys do", and started to ask a bunch of questions about the church and missionaries. After answering her questions, she let us in, gave us free ice cream, and we started to teach her. Turns out, she holds Christian church sessions in the ice cream parlor every week, and she invited us back the next day. It´s always an interesting time there, because a bunch of people from the local evangelical churches meet there for ice cream and to discuss the goodness of God, and the owner lady always gives us a chance to speak a few words. We´ve gotten some good references from the place. 

This week everyone´s been super focused on Jesus Christ because it´s the Easter season, so I´ve been thinking even more than usual about our Savior. I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our rock, and if we center our lives on him, we cannot fail. No matter how hard the winds of sin or temptation push, if we focus on really living his teachings, we cannot fail. We will succeed.

Elder Murray 

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