Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 1 - I'm in the MTC now!

Move over Friday, Wednesday has become my new favorite day! I love looking forward to hearing from Ben via email. He doesn't get much time on the computer, so after reading all his emails there isn't a lot of time left over to write. Ben asked me to go ahead with the blog so everyone that writes could hear the news.

It sounds like he is doing really well! He writes:

"I am having a great time. The food here is awesome! Lots of randommeats and beans and rice with every meal, and also great fruit juice. I got super lucky and got a really great, funny district of 3 other elders and 4 other sisters. Last Sunday I was called to be the district leader, so I get to plan some meetings and help set some goals. It is pretty cool...My companion, Elder McGladrie is from Ohio. We get a little bit of physical activity each day, but mostly we learn Portuguese. So far, the immersion technique has really worked some wonders. It is still hard to learn the language and to understand the natives, but we`re getting a ton of practice, especially with our two Brazilian roommates, Elder Arujo and Elder Rocha. They leave in just a week, which is sad, but we´ll get some new roommates then."

Ben shared a cool story about his companion:

"We've  already had one major crisis this week, when Elder McGladrie had a stone in his salivary gland. It was like a kidney stone, but it made his neck swell up a lot, and it got a little infected. His mouth hurtso much he couldn't eat or talk. We saw the medic and got him on some antibiotics, but that did not work well, so Saturday night we gave him a blessing and they took him to the hospital while I became part of a trio. An hour or so later, he came back, and they had poked at it a bit and gave him some more antibiotics and told him if he had to, he could come back in two weeks. The very next day, his stone popped out while he was brushing his teeth, and it was huge. I would send a picture but we can`t while we`re in the MTC. It was pretty awesome to see the healing power of the Priesthood less than 4 days in. I was able to help give him the blessing, and it was a pretty scary, but overall, a really spiritual experience."

I was worried he would be really badly homesick, since this is his first time away from home, so I was happy to hear the following:

"I get a little homesick sometimes, but it´s hard to have
time to, and I've tried to just focus on what I´m doing. Each time I
look out the window of my room at Brazil, it gets a little better. . . 
miss you guys, but it´s okay. I was called here to bring souls to the
gospel and to the Lord, and I will succeed!

Love, Elder Benjamin Murray"

I love hearing from Ben! It really makes my week. We are so happy he is doing well, and want to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

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